Neutral, High Light Transmission, Low Reflection
AGC PLANIBEL G is a pyrolytic, low emissivity glass. The low-emissivity coating is applied on a sheet of clear float glass by a toughenable pyrolytic coating process. The coating will reduce the amount of re-radiated heat entering the house thereby keeping indoor cooler, total heat gain is reduced.
Feature, Benefits :
With its neutral appearance, high light transmission, low level of reflection, low emissivity, can be processed in all ways including toughening and bending.
PLANIBEL G can be used in the place that the glare of direct sunlight need to prevented.
Applications :
Buildings, Low rise and high rise building
Buildings, Residential and commercial building
Housings, Residential housing
School, Hospital
Glass Roof
Household appliances
Single Glazing
Tempered Glazing
Insulating Glazing
Laminating Glazing
Thickness, Sizes :
PLANIBEL G on Clear for 3.2 and 6 mm., Standard Size 3,210 mm. x 2,250 mm.
Maximum size (mm.)
Maximum size (inch)
Average Unit weight (Kg/m2)
Planibel G-Clear
3210 X 2250
126 x 88
3210 X 2250
126 x 88
Remark: The information in the table could be changed, please contact sales department before ordering.