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Laminated Safety Glass

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Safety, Security
        LamiTAG made of two or more sheets of glass with the special film (PVB) which is strong, elastic and firmly, bonds the two sheets of glass and protect the Ultra Violet Ray over 99%. Special film keeps the broken glass in its shape and not fallen apart. The spider web like structure-prevent the objects to penetrate. Several kinds of LamiTAG are available as follow : LamiTAG-SE and LamiTAG-BR for safety and security application. LamiTAG-Color for interior and exterior decoration.

        LamiTAG-E is the laminated safety glass which made from 2 sheets of glass which bond by the special film with one sheet of glass which performed low-e function, high visibel light transmission (TV) and low solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC).

        LamiTAG-CF is a decorative laminated safety glass that offers a variety of ceramic frit design in a laminated safety glass.Designers can use dots or lines to control and alter light and vision of the glass.Patterns can be made in subtle or bold print depending on the intention of the designer. 

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